Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17-Dec-08: Qassam strikes all day

It's Wednesday evening here, and so far today the thuggish terrorists (sorry, militants) operating from Gaza under the protection, leadership and inspiration of the Hamas regime have sent at least 20 Qassam rockets into southern Israel.

Without in any sense being aimed at the target (something the Palestinian Arab terrorists cannot do, and do not do since any strike on anything Israeli fulfills their goals) one of them exploded in the parking lot of a large, crowded shopping center in Sderot. Two people were injured by shrapnel; another suffered ear damage. Medical teams also treated numerous shock victims at the site of the explosion.

YNet says Israeli air force teams located and fired at a ready-for-use rocket launcher in northern Gaza very shortly after the shopping center attack, evidently neutralizing it, but no word about the terrorists who were getting ready to fire it. Both CNN (constitionally incapable of describing the people who fire rockets into supermarket car-parks as terrorists) and BBC, among others, describe the IAF actions as being "in response".

We disagree. It's not "in response" when you spot a criminal thug fresh from carrying out a deliberately life-threatening action getting ready to do the same again. That's called preventing an attack; protecting your life, property and community; taking pre-emptive action against terrorists; or plain self-defence.