Friday, November 21, 2008

21-Nov-08: Further escalation

Yet another mostly-unreported Qassam rocket attack on Israel this morning.

This time, the terrorists succeeded in causing an explosion in the industrial area of Ashkelon. Yesterday a Qassam rocket landed in Israel's western Negev region. There were two mortars this morning as well. These were fired into the Kissufim area in southern Israel. No injuries or damage in these incidents though it ought to be perfectly clear that this is not, and never has been, the intention of the barbarians.

In today's Gazan equivalent of a national league football competition, the so-called Popular Resistance Committee claimed responsibility for the mortars. YNet reminds us that "d
ozens of rockets have been launched at the western Negev in the past two weeks, one of which was a longer-range Grad rocket that wounded 15 in an Ashkelon shopping mall last Wednesday." Was this reported in the news channels of your community? Thought not. Ynet quotes an angry resident of Ashkelon called Moshe Nisimfor: "We're sick of the behavior of the military and other sources. People are shooting rockets, missiles at us and no one is responding". He has a point, but it's not being heard.

According to Haaretz, "Hamas has said it stopped firing rockets and is working to rein in the smaller groups." Our observation is that this is highly unlikely, given the very public declarations by Hamas figures in recent days of the vengeance they plan to wreak on Israel.

Note that despite the daily barrages of the past two weeks, Israel has nevertheless allowed key supplies to continue to pass from here into Gaza.