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8-May-08: An Independence Day thought

We wrote yesterday about the current state of security warnings.

These disconcerting reports and headlines are far from unusual. Every Jewish holiday and some ordinary days bring similar security alerts. This state of affairs leaves many Israelis wondering what will happen if and when American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President Bush manage to steam-roller Palestinian State on the West Bank into existence before Bush leaves office. Our lifeline, the curfew, will obviously no longer be an option. How will we defend ourselves then against a "moderate" neighbor who from time to time is smitten with the urge to murder a few more Israelis? The "partners for peace" do not seem overly troubled by that possibility.

On a somewhat more personal note, we learned something new about Malki's murderer this week.

In an August 2007 column which listed the public swimming pools that exist in the West Bank, Avi Issacharoff wrote:
Nowadays, every city in the West Bank has a pool or a recreational complex: Bethlehem has one similar to Al-Khaluf [a clover-leaf-shaped pool in Dura, near Hebron], while Ramallah has more than 10. One of Jenin's swimming champs committed a suicide bombing at Jerusalem's Sbarro restaurant in August 2001. Nablus has a pool reserved for women, and an Olympic pool. Another pool and recreation complex sits between Nablus and Tubas. Al Khaluf draws more than 2,500 people on an average weekend day, [lifeguard Ahmed] Rajoub says. ("West Bank swimming pools help Palestinians brave the heat")
This detail (the text in red above) joins another we already knew about our daughter's murderer: that he was the son of a well-to-do restaurant owner. Together they punch holes in the popular conception of Palestinian terrorists as desperate and demoralized rather than merely evil and blood-thirsty.

The reason Issacharoff's 2007 piece is circulating on the Internet again now is that it proves that Gidon Levy, his colleague at Haaretz, lied brazenly in his latest anti-Israel rant.

In a May 1, 2008 Haaretz piece, entitled "Twilight Zone/Last Refuge", Levy writes that the swimming complex, Banana Land, a "pathetic" affair located in the northern outskirts of Jericho, is the only place where West Bank Palestinian children can swim:
So Barak promised, so what. The checkpoint was open for two days and closed again. Now the only thing left is this water park as a last refuge for the hundreds of thousands of children and families in the West Bank to come and take a momentary break from life's tribulations. An oasis in the occupation, in the Jordan Valley.
(Emphasis added.)

This brazen canard is just another of a steady flow of similar writing churned out tirelessly by Levy over several decades. He is determined to portray the Palestinians as pitiful and oppressed victims come hell, high water or, as in this case, the disturbing truth.

He is incapable of commiserating with his fellow Jews for their suffering at the hands of their enemies. On the contrary, this year he exhorted us to treat Independence Day as Naqba Day (i.e. Catastrophe Day) along with the Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.

Likewise, several years ago on Tisha B'av, while hosting a television special, Levy urged Jews to cease their mourning on that day over the destruction of the Holy Temple. He considered that to have gone on long enough and preferred that his people devote the day instead to mourning for the Palestinians.

His latest lie-riddled column should alert all Haaretz readers to the dangers of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish drivel that is routinely disseminated by self-hating Jewish staff-writers like Gidon Levy and his soul-mate, Amira Hass. Their material, reprinted and widely disseminated by our enemies, enhances the impact of their own propaganda exponentially.

Undoubtedly, some of our most lethal enemies are the home-grown variety.

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