Thursday, May 15, 2008

15-May-08: Celebrating a catastrophe

In what must count as one of the more successful public relations achievements of the Palestinian Arabs' political leadership, today was celebrated by them as Naqba Day - a day of honouring what they call the catastrophe of sixty years ago. The attention of much of the world's mainstream media was fixed on that victimhood to such an extent that very few of the real analytical questions that ought to be directed at the Pal-Arab leadership were raised in the media coverage.

And what better way to celebrate your catastrophe than to point your weapons at the women and children of your enemy. So...

On the morning after last night's barbaric attack on an Ashkelon shopping mall, and in a repetition of what must sound boring and mundane to people living far from the area, three more jihadist Palestinian-Arab rockets from Gaza crashed into southern Israel this morning. Fortunately no injuries or damage were reported from the area -
the Sha'ar Hanegev region. But that certainly was not the intention of the terrorists.

This evening (Thursday), three more Qassams were fired into Israel. These landed in the Israeli city that has the misfortune of being located closer to Gaza than any other - Sderot in Israel's western Negev. One rocket struck the yard of a pre-school adjacent to a synagogue, causing extensive damage to the building but no casualties. Haaretz says several passersby were treated for shock.

The condition of two of yesterday's Israeli victims continues to be on the minds of many Israelis.
Avital Afjan, a resident of Ashkelon aged 24 who was seriously injured when the roof of the shopping mall came crashing down on top of her is now in stable condition after undergoing surgery overnight. She is in the trauma unit of the Sheba Hospital in Tel-Aviv.

Avital's two-year-old daughter Tair is still in serious condition but fortunately she has regained consciousness. The infant suffered serious shrapnel wounds to the head.

For anyone paying attention to their sixty years of stagnation, poor hygiene, hopelessly misguided education and steady retreat into the Middle Ages, there's no doubt Palestinian Arab society's 'achievements' constitute a living catastrophe.

The question that needs to be asked is: how did the world (explicitly including the other parts of the Arab world) get away with allowing the Palestinian Arab kleptocratic "leadership" to inflict such a disaster on their own kin over such a prolonged period of time, and continuing every single day into the foreseeable future?

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