Wednesday, May 14, 2008

14-May-08: The thugs hit the jackpot

A Katyusha missile fired from the jihadist-controlled Gaza Strip crashed into the Hutzot shopping center in Israel's southern city Ashkelon, injuring at least 15 people this evening (according to YNet). It's a busy mall, with upwards of ten thousand visitors a day.

The reports so far say three of the injured are in serious condition, two in moderate condition and at least eleven suffered minor wounds. A woman and her young daughter are among the seriously injured, with severe head trauma. Some other people were trapped under the rubble.

The rocket hit the mall's third floor where, according to Haaretz, a clinic takes up part of the floor and took the brunt of the hit. This is just the sort of result the barbarians of Hamas and its various proxies dream about.

We'll be back with more.

Thursday morning postscript: If you care to go to the BBC News website, and drill down to their dedicated Middle East coverage (here), we invite you to try to find any mention of last night's jihadist rocket attack on an Ashkelon shopping mall. 15 hours after the direct hit on a women's health center, total silence from Bush House and its field agents. On the other hand, you'll have little difficulty finding hot BBC news reports like "Far from Palestine: Three generations of a refugee family talk about 60 years of exile"; "Shatila refugee camp (slideshow): Life in a Palestinian refugee camp after 60 years of exile"; and "Palestinians mark 'catastrophe': Palestinians are to mark al-Nakba, 'the catastrophe' of Israel's founding, as US leader George Bush visits the region"; and "Gazans discuss the fuel crisis". The Palestinians mark 'catastrophe' story is a featured item on the BBC News home page as well.


Frances Waddams, Anglican Friends of Israel said...

All I could find on the BBC website was this video.

The one-sentence report accompanying the video says that the rocket was REPORTEDLY fired from Gaza.

The BBC Muddle East News department - propaganda team for terror.

The-View-From-Ramot said...

Thanks for your observation, Frances. The Israeli weekend papers all devoted the bulk of their news reporting on Friday to the impact on Israeli society of the missile attack on a crowded urban shopping center. The Jerusalem Post's editor, a former Brit, wondered aloud how the British public and media would respond to a rocket attack on Brent Cross. But in our view it's a deeper problem than that. There are people at the BBC for whom the mere reporting of a major attack like this one on a civilian target would undermine the agenda of their 'journalism'. The degree of their identification with the victimhood of the Palestinian-Arabs trumps any other consideration. (And so reports like that simply don't materialize - and of course it's not a problem that's unique to the BBC or the UK.) That's the central problem for people like us who are furious at how terrorism is being swept under the carpet. This ostrich-like burying of a society's head in the sand doesn't make the real problem - the frighteningly life-threatening real problem - go away. And it surely does nothing to advance the interests of the Palestinian-Arabs, let alone the Israeli.