Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13-May-08: Another death by rockets

Taking yet another strategic step on the path to cementing a permanent place in the annals of barbarism, the Palestinian-Arab jihadists of Gaza murdered a seventy year-old Jewish woman in southern Israel this afternoon. (The site of her death is in the picture at right.)

Thank you for taking the trouble to read these words here; there's an almost total absence of news coverage of this killing beyond the Israeli news channels.

Ynet says the Islamic Jihad terror organization proudly claimed responsibility this evening for shedding this Jewish woman's blood. The ghoullish delight displayed by the terrorists in murdering Jews long ceased to be surprising. Nor is the fact that their self-serving press releases - carried by Iran news wires among a handful of others - routinely describe undisputed, peaceful towns and civilian settlements that have been Israeli since 1948, like Yesha where tonight's murder took place, as "occupied territories". The expression long ago ceased to have intrinsic meaning; like the rest of their rhetoric, it's worthless camouflage for a lust for blood, and for an appalling racism stemming from deep religious roots.

This evening's Qassam fired from jihadist Gaza crashed into the backyard of a residential home in Yesha, a small community in the Eshkol region of southern Israel, near Ofakim. The woman had traveled to the small town with her son to visit a sister-in-law who was visiting from abroad. The two had originally planned to meet with relatives in nearby Ashkelon, but after Qassams struck that city, they changed their plans. Ynet says she was waiting outside one of the houses while her son went inside to determine if they had found the right address. The Qassam struck and killed her.

3 additional Qassams were fired into Israel in the earlier hours of today (Monday). One landed in the grounds of an elementary school in Ashkelon, damaging several buildings. Fortunately no injuries are reported.

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