Monday, May 12, 2008

12-May-08: Is it still a near-massacre even if they don't write about it?

The shooting gallery that is southern Israel came unbearably close to suffering two massacres of children in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately you would need to be a reader of Israeli news media to know it. Each of the two incidents remains almost completely unreported in any mainstream media. (Why is this?)

Yesterday morning, two more Qassam rockets fired by the Palestinian Arab jihadists of the Gaza Strip landed inside Ashkelon , a substantial Israeli city. Sunday, it's important to note, is a regular working day and school day in this part of the world. Yesterday's two rockets landed in populated areas of the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council area. One landed near Sapir College and damaged a construction site. (A father of four who was a Sapir student was killed inside his car when it was struck in a similar attack on 26th February.) The second Qassam struck near a local gas station, causing damage to a school bus filled with children. Thankfully there were no casualties reported, though several people were treated for shock.

This morning (Monday), around 7 o'clock, another Palestinian-Arab Qassam despatched from jihadist Gaza struck a section of Ashkelon that contains numerous schools and kindergartens, minutes before the area would have been filled with children. (The exact location is not being revealed for security reasons that don't really require explaining.) A second Qassam crashed into Ashkelon's national park. A woman was treated for shock and damage was caused to some homes. The intention of the Gaza jihadists can safely be said to have been thwarted. They're after blood and have never pretended differently.

The brutish thugs responsible for the daily barrages on Israeli cities, towns and homes are immeasurably aided by the absence of intelligent daily news coverage of the intensity and frequency of their rocket strikes. How can anyone make sense of Israeli defensive measures if there is inadequate reporting of what we're being defended from?

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