Thursday, May 01, 2008

1-May-08: Seven thousand medical treatments

Before you read the brief report below, go back and remind yourself of a report we carried here ten days ago (21-Apr-08: What the Palestinian-Arab silent majority really thinks).

We wrote there that Palestinian Arab support for killing-by-bombing jihadist attacks against Israeli civilians stands at 51% according to a Palestinian Arab poll carried out in April 2008. In simple terms, the "silent majority" of men, women and children walking the streets of the Palestinian-Arab villages, towns and cities are comfortable with one of the modern world's most barbaric activities.

Keep this in mind as you read the next two paragraphs.

Israel Treats Thousands of Sick Gazans
...Ahmed was first taken to Gaza's Shifa Hospital, but his only hope for life-saving treatment lay in Israel. "We got our permit from the Israeli authorities within 24 hours," said Ahmed's father, Muhammad. In 2007, more than 7,000 Palestinians were allowed into Israel for medical treatment - a 50% increase on 2006. "We treat hundreds of Gazans here each year," says Dr. Ron Lobel, deputy director of Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. He says there are some five to 15 Gazan patients there at any given time. Many cases are treated by Israel for free.

"The Israeli policy is to facilitate all the medical needs for Gaza," said Maj. Peter Lerner, spokesman for the Coordinator of Activities in the Territories. However, he says militants have repeatedly tried to exploit Israel's humanitarian policy to carry out attacks inside Israel. In June 2007, two Palestinian women who had received medical entry permits were arrested after it was discovered they planned to blow themselves up in an Israeli hospital.
(Extracted from BBC report)

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Robert Bowen-James said...

What I find most striking about this report, is that Israelis are routinely accused of genocide and mass murder. As crazy as these accusations are, the reality which is so opposite (Israelis making space in their hospitals to treat Palestinian children and adults) gets very very little media coverage. Somehow the really ugly narrative showing Israelis as monsters has a stronger appeal to the people in the media. Why?