Wednesday, March 05, 2008

5-Mar-08: Wednesday update

Only nine rockets were fired into Israel today (Wednesday) from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip (that's according to YNet; JPost counts 14) by the forces of Palestinian-Arab terror. One landed inside Hamas territory with unknown consequences for the civilians in the area. The mainstream media never, but literally never, report on the damage caused to Palestinian-Arabs in Gaza by misdirected Palestinian-Arab missiles. Such 'mishaps' are a constant, almost daily, feature of the Hamas war against Israelis.

Today's other rockets mostly crashed into open land with the exception of two Qassams which, around 7:15 pm this evening, narrowly missed the chicken coop of a western Negev kibbutz. Credit for the almost-killed chickens was grabbed by Islamic Jihad, for whom dead Zionist poultry and wounded, maimed or killed Jews are all at about the same level of importance as strategic targets. This is one of the reasons why they are classified as terrorists.

JPost points out that today was "the first day in almost a week in which nobody was wounded by the attacks. Almost all the projectiles hit open areas."

YNet says some 120 portable cement-reinforced shelters were deployed across Sderot today. Some have wider entrances to enable accessible for individuals with special needs, an especially-prime class of terrorist target. This is why the school for blind and multiply-handicapped children in Jerusalem which our youngest daughter attends has an armed guard at the front door. So does every other institution for special-needs children and adult in this country. And not for nothing.

And as a further reminder that this truly is asymmetrical warfare (i.e. barbarian thugs on one side; civilized and fundamentally decent protectors of families and society on the other), Israel permitted "around two dozen Gazans to enter Israel to receive medical treatment" today, according to JPost. Medical treatment, it needs to be made clear, means medical treatment in Israel, by Israeli professionals, using Israeli medicine to treat sick and ailing Palestinian-Arabs from Gaza. No other media channel in the world, as far as we can tell from checking, makes mention of this small but telling point. This constant truth (check any Israeli hospital on any day of the week, any month of the year, any year, to see just how true) is - and we speak from experience - one of the most infuriating, humiliating and difficult dimensions of this ongoing war for the terrorists and for their media apologists.

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