Thursday, March 20, 2008

20-Mar-08: All in a day's work

A Palestinian-Arab rocket fired from Gaza struck a western Negev kibbutz today. No injuries were reported, but the rocket damaged a building.

YNet quotes the kibbutz's security officer: "The rocket landed very close to one of the houses. There was a loud explosion and several houses' windows were shattered by the blast. Unfortunately, the kibbutz homes are not fortified, a process we are hoping to accelerate."

Two rockets were fired into the same general area yesterday (Wednesday). One of them, according to YNet, fell short and crashed into something or other in the Gaza Strip... but no one's reporting on damage. Palestinian-Arab on Palestinian-Arab damages or injuries don't reach the reportable threshhold in the mainstream media; gotta have the Israelis in there somewhere.

Four mortar shells were fired at the area on Wednesday as well, landing near the security fence and causing no damage.

A smuggling tunnel under the Egypt-Gaza border collapsed today, says Haaretz, killing one man, doctors said. Another is said to be buried under the rubble. Palestinian smugglers have for years used tunnels to bring weapons and a range of contraband into Gaza from Egypt. The illustration above (from this fine source) shows how. Somehow when the media report revert to their humanitarian-tragedy mode of telling the Gaza story, they neglect to mention how the place is bristling with smuggled weapons and militias out to outdo one another. But from Israel, those aspects of the Gazan reality are hard to forget.

UPDATE: Friday 6:30am - A roadside bomb, relatively unusual in the Palestinian-Arab war of terror against Israelis, was detonated around 11pm last night (Thursday) in the south Hebron hills, injuring a 13-year-old boy who was a passenger in a vehicle. He's now in Hadassah Ein Karem medical centre in Jerusalem being treated.

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