Tuesday, March 11, 2008

11-Mar-08: Their society's response to the carnage in the seminary

Scenes of utter jubilation in jihadist Gaza Thursday night when word reached them of the massacre of teenaged Jewish students in the library of a Jerusalem religious seminary.

Watching these images, hearing these sounds, makes something terribly clear: the message from Gaza speaks more eloquently than any "root causes" speech ever could. The hatred coursing through the veins of these people makes them capable of actions the rest of the world would treat as unimaginable, vile, bestial.

Only when their own society sees what it has wrought in Gaza can we expect the beginnings of the reversal of this breakneck descent into the netherworld. But the reality is that reversal is absolutely nowhere in sight.

Day after day, hatred is pumped into their children, ensuring another generation of desolation and failure, and another and another.

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