Monday, February 04, 2008

4-Feb-08: What's the enlightened way to think about a society like this one?

Under the headline "Gazans hear of attack, hand out sweets" Ali Waked, writing from Gaza says this today: "As word of the suicide bombing in Dimona spread Monday, Gaza residents were treated to celebratory wreaths of flowers as well as sweets that were handed to drivers and passers-by. Gaza motorists receiving the treats and sweets also honked their horns in triumph and celebration..."

A Palestinian boy distributes sweets and flowers to people in the southern Gaza Strip after a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in southern Israel February 4, 2008. A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up and police shot dead his accomplice in an attack in a shopping centre in southern Israel on Monday that killed at least one Israeli, emergency services said. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

Palestinian-Arab Gazans celebrate today.

Palestinian-Arab Gazans celebrate today.

This last one is not from today. It shows Palestinian men in Lebanon in a celebratory dance in honor of the Hamas-engineered massacre at Jerusalem's Sbarro restaurant on 9th August 2001. Our 15 year old daughter Malki was murdered that day, along with fourteen other innocent people.

We'll never understand a culture that reacts this way to murder and the agony of others.


Anonymous said...

General Sherman had an idea 'win with such force that they don't want to make war anymore'

pol. correct liberal war just means more war.


Seraphym said...

General Sherman was right.

The only way, in ANY conflict, whether between persons or nations, to actually reach a resolution through FORCE is to apply such force that the other person/side is not willing to continue to fight, and will seriously consider other options in the future as well.

The Leftist mindset today dictates that such discriminating lines between victor and vanquished is somehow "unfair," and the Left does what it can to assure that no side ever applies enough force to firmly resolve a conflict - no matter how miserable it makes everyone's lives who are stuck in the middle. After all, it's not the LEFT's lives stuck there, just those of their current favorite flavor of supposedly oppressed people (no matter that those people are actually the ones in FAVOR of oppression, should they win the conflict).

WomanHonorThyself said...

Keep up the blessed fight as I will!..Stay strong!

BDE said...

Israel has been pounding the Palestinians since '67 with no effect.

What makes you think force is the answer when history shows it is not.