Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13-Feb-08: Ceasefire? What a good idea

The chief political ideologist in the Hamas jihadist terror organization is Khaled Mash'al, its political bureau chief. From his base in Damascus he's quoted today reiterating something that is no secret but somehow often forgotten. (The source is Al-Kafah Al-Arabi, published in Lebanon two days ago. The translation from Arabic comes from the MEMRI Blog.) Mash'al says Hamas will never recognize Israel and wants a Palestinian state from the very northern tip of Israel (he mentioned Rosh HaNikra on the Israeli coast near the Lebanese border) down to Gaza in the south. And from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, for good measure. He and Hamas have never made a secret of their desire to replace, not to co-exist with, Israel. Replace in their terms fairly plainly means destroy, with all that that entails.

But it's not all black. Mash'al "clarified" that Hamas will agree to a Palestinian state within Israel's June 5, 1967 borders in exchange for a hudna (temporary ceasefire). That, he helpfully explained, will give coming generations of Palestinians an opportunity to liberate the rest of the Palestinian lands.

Clear now? First they'll take over all of Israel's space, impose their laws and practices in place of Israel's, and declare a temporary ceasefire (with whom?) while moving forward with Plan A which is to take everything else the Jews have to give that they haven't already taken up to then. And they're educating an entire generation of their children to know just how to do that.

Earlier this week, we quoted the words of an Israeli politician who says Israel needs to consider "reaching a cease-fire with Hamas, instead of stupid acts", his term for the power cuts imposed on Gaza. Hamas have now helped us understand what that would mean - always a desirable position to have before you agree to irreversible changes with a globally-outlawed terrorist organization.

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