Wednesday, January 09, 2008

9-Jan-08: Preparing for a major media event

By no coincidence at all, the increased heat on our northern front is matched this morning with lethal weapon attacks on our southern front. Bush is coming to town, and the media are here. 9 Qassams and at least 2 mortars have crashed into Israel's western Negev so far this morning (Wednesday) hours before President Bush's arrival at Ben Gurion airport.

Three landed around in the grounds of Kibbutz Zikim. Another two hit outside the beleagured Israeli city of Sderot. (Today's NY Times has some of the background to life in that sad place: At Gaza's Edge

And according to YNet, a short while later another Qassam fired from northern Gaza landed near a kibbutz in the Sha'ar Hanegev regional council, two mortars landed near the security fence separating Israel from the Strip, and three more Qassams hit Sderot about half an hour ago (around 10:00am). Fortunately no injuries or property damage are reported so far.

In our part of the world, where jihadists treat the lives of their families, neighbors and enemies with approximately equal contempt, this is what is sometimes meant by show business. They're showing just how hatred trumps every other consideration. The expectations here are that so long as the Bush caravan - with its myriad officials and reporters - is in town, the danger will remain especially elevated. And if the terrorists manage to provoke some nice photo-op defensive measures by Israeli forces, then so much the better for them.

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