Wednesday, January 09, 2008

9-Jan-08: Northern exposure

Two Katyusha rockets were fired into Israel from southern Lebanon early yesterday (Tuesday) morning, in an apparent reminder to whoever is paying attention that the Bush presidential visit, starting later today, is not the only Middle East show currently in town. Terror is a constant in this neighborhood and has very little to do with occupation, colonialization, nationalistic aspirations or much else other than hatred and jihad.

The Israel Defense Forces have an early warning system to prepare residents in northern Israel in the event of incoming terror attacks like this one. But it appears the heavy skies and winter weather prevented it from operating yesterday. Residents of the northern community of Shlomi were lucky that this time the rockets crashed more or less harmlessly. No injuries, and light damage:
shrapnel from one of the 107mm rockets struck a wall of a house, causing minor damage and a street was damaged. This was not the intention of the murder-minded Iranian-backed terrorists who fired them. Shlomi is located just a few miles south of Israel's border with Lebanon, and has a long history of suffering terrorism from across the fence.

The Washington Post quotes a
senior Lebanese army official, speaking on condition of anonymity, helpfully denying the rockets were fired from Lebanon. Such reports, said the Lebanese, are "baseless and completely fabricated". A roadside bomb explosion in southern Lebanon yesterday, presumably also baseless and also fabricated completely, injured two soldiers from the UN Interim Force in Lebanon.

We have pointed out before that Katyushas are fired from mobile launchers and lack a guidance system. Perfectly capable of the most irresponsible form of lethal harm to anyone in the neighborhood, and conducive to a fast getaway before the authorities come looking: an essential part of the terrorists' arsenal. 18 months ago, Katyushas were fired by the Lebanese-based, Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists nearly 4,000 times into northern Israeli towns and cities, killing 43 civilians and causing hundreds of thousands of Israelis to evacuate the region for several weeks.

Baseless and fabricated indeed.

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