Friday, January 18, 2008

18-Jan-08: What the jihadists are achieving

Israeli woman, affected by shock after a Qassam rocket exploded nearby, is evacuated to hospital on Wednesday 16th January.

An explosives expert from Israel's police force removes one of the 120+ Qassam rockets that landed in various parts of southern Israel over the past three days. This one, on Wednesday, landed near Kibbutz Nir Am. The jihadists have no ability -- and no interest -- to control the direction of their explosives, some of which land among their own homes, wreaking havoc. Some kill, some injure, all terrify - this is why they are terrorists.

One of numerous Israeli homes damaged in the barrages of rockets fired by the terrorists into Israel this week.

This Israeli child's home in Sderot was hit by one of the Qassams fired by the jihadists. The man tending to her is a Magen David Adom paramedic.

Israeli children take cover in a shelter as a warning siren for incoming rockets is sounded in the southern city of Sderot, January 16, 2008.

An Israeli home, after a jihadist Qassam came calling this week.

This family's home was damaged in one of yesterday's 40+ jihadist missile barrages in southern Israel. How long does a country with the military means to respond energetically have to keep one of its arms behind its back? Terrorism of the Palestinian-Arab Gazan variety is not out to achieve territorial gains or greater democracy; they want to destroy, harm, injure and kill, and have never claimed to want anything different. How well is this understood outside Israel? Will it be more clearly understood when one of these dozens-a-day explosive projectiles causes a real disaster?

UPDATE Friday 12:30pm - So far today, the Gazan jihadists have fired nine more rockets into Israel. One landed near a Sderot kindergarten, striking a water pipe. Another landed in Ashkelon's industrial area; a third near Kibbutz Zikim in the south. Fortunately no injuries are reported so far.

UPDATE Friday 1:15pm - The Israeli government, rather than escalating the military response, just announced the closing of its borders with Gaza - promoting immediate and predictable calls for relief from "the impending humanitarian disaster". Compounding the hypocrisy and double-talk, the man who nominally heads the Palestinian Authority has now lined up with the same Hamas forces that decimated his own militia in bloody fighting in Gaza some months ago, threatening to quit if Israel's "escalation" continues, and demonstrating that no failed Arab leader ever lost his job by blaming Israel.

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