Thursday, January 17, 2008

17-Jan-08: "Get the schoolkids" (inc Friday morning update)

It's Thursday morning, and at around 8 o'clock, eleven Qassam rockets were fired by the jihadists of Palestinian-Arab Gaza into southern Israel, aiming at Sderot. The casualties so far are a woman who suffered mild injuries and was hospitalized, and several others who suffered shock. Two rockets damaged a number of homes, one located next to an elementary school. Another Qassam hit the city's industrial zone, while the rest landed in open fields. YNet points out that the heavy barrage was timed to begin "at around 8 am, as Sderot's children were entering the local schools and kindergartens."


UPDATE Friday 7:15am - Thursday's toll of rockets fired into Israel by the jihadists from Palestinian-Arab Gaza was about 40 Qassams plus two mortar shells (reports Haaretz). That makes some 120 Qassam attacks in the past 3 days. Two Israelis were injured yesterday in these attacks, while several others had to be treated for shock. Also yesterday, another Palestinian-Arab drive-by shooting in a growing list of such attempts at murder. An Israeli man was shot Thursday evening in an attack near Ramallah. He sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder while driving on Route 446 when Palestinian terrorists opened fire on his vehicle from a passing car. Fortunately he managed to continue driving until he reached an Israel Defense Forces checkpoint near Na'alin. Several deaths have resulted from other such terrorist strikes in the past few weeks on roads traveled by Israeli jews and Palestinian Arabs.

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