Wednesday, December 05, 2007

5-Dec-07: Pal-Aab terror rocket strikes Israeli residence

Yet another Qassam rocket attack on Israel today. This one resulted in a three-storey residential building in southern Israel being hit today (Wednesday) causing heavy damage. Haaretz says several people were left suffering from shock. The rocket hit long-suffering Sderot, a city located close to the sealed border with the Hamas-infested Gaza Strip.

YNet, in a report filed this evening, says the rocket, fired by Palestinian terror groups from Gaza, struck the roof of a private home this evening. It says four people were treated by emergency services for shock, including a 50 year-old who complained of chest pains, and an apartment, home to an elderly couple, suffered damage. Fortunately they escaped serious injury but were treated for shock at the scene.

The Qassam attack happened just as national Teacher's Association chairman Ran Erez was addressing a rally organized by student and teacher organizations as well as various charity groups. The demonstration, held under the banner of 'Enough with the apathy – we're coming to Sderot' was opened with the lighting of a special Hanukkah menorah made of Qassam shells.

In addition to the Qassams, JPost reports that four rounds of mortar fire were directed into Israel from Gaza today, fortunately without causing any actual harm.

Meanwhile the defense minister Ehud Barak, together with IDF's chief of staff Ashkenazi and head of Southern Command Galant, visited soldiers of the IDF's Gaza Division this evening. They were briefed by division commanders on recent operations including the killing this past week and a half of some 30 terrorists in clashes with IDF forces in the area. YNet quotes Barak discussing the possibility of launching an extensive counter-terror campaign in the region with the soldiers: "We know a large-scale operation in Gaza is just a matter of time, but we are not trigger happy… we still consider such an operation a last resort." The defense establishment believes that an IDF operation in Gaza is inevitable, especially considering the growing support for Hamas and other terror organizations in the Strip.

None of this reportage appears in any mainstream news source outside Israel as of this posting. Most people, including those with an interest in developments in the area, have no idea any of this is happening and will be easy prey for the hostile headlines-to-come describing a lack of 'proportion' in Israel's actions. The sight of Israeli children (see picture above) cowering below tables for shelter from incoming rockets will be unknown to them.

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