Friday, December 14, 2007

14-Dec-07: When they write "home-made rockets", think about this home

Reporters and their editors, when they report at all on the Qassam rocket attacks on Israeli communities, frequently refer to the home-made nature of the Palestinian-Arab weaponry that has been fired several thousand times during the past two years. Amnesty International (among others) routinely does it too. It's a convenient and entirely dishonest way of diminishing the threat to lives of this particular form of warfare.

Today's print edition of Haaretz has this photograph (at right) of a kitchen in a Sderot apartment, destroyed in an attack yesterday, causing injuries to a female resident. It's unlikely this picture, or any like it, appears in the media in your part of the world. But the fact is that without understanding what's being done daily to the lives of people who live in this apartment and in other parts of Sderot and everywhere else in southern Israel and in the rest of Israel on a daily basis, it's impossible to understand why we Israelis are so agitated about having a terrorist regime on our southern border.

And why the constant protests of NGOs (for instance "Oxfam Criticizes Israeli Restrictions" and "Red Cross says Gaza crisis worsening under Israeli restrictions" in the global media yesterday) coupled with their silence and inaction in the face of murderous Pal-Arab terrorism, sound so hollow and inappropriate.

Additional scenes from the attack yesterday (Thursday) on Sderot below.

Not knowing about this makes it impossible to understand why Israel devotes so much attention, energy and resources in attempting to neutralize the terrorists waging this ongoing war on us from Gaza.

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