Tuesday, December 11, 2007

11-Dec-07: 2,000 rockets

A Qassam rocket fired by terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza struck an industrial center in southern Israel this morning.

Two more Qassams joined the tally this evening (Tuesday) but caused no injuries or damage; this was not the intention of the terrorists.

A toy factory was reduced to rubble in the same area by another Qassam attack yesterday (Monday).

Some two thousand rockets have pummeled one small Israeli city - Sderot - so far this year. Repeat: 2,000 rockets, just this year.

Now what would be a disproportionate response to that?

UPDATE (Tuesday 9:15pm): Haaretz is reporting that
Palestinian officials have warned that Israel Defense Forces raids in the Gaza Strip are endangering "the newly revived peace process". They're referring to Israeli actions in Gaza a day before what the newspaper terms "the first Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in seven years". What sort of peace process do those Palestinian "officials" have in mind that is not endangered by 2,000 terrorist rocket attacks on a small, never-disputed city in southern Israel?

UPDATE (Wednesday 12-Dec-07 at 8:10am) And four more Qassam rockets fired by the terrorists into civilian areas of southern Israel this morning. Not rocks, ladies and gentlemen, and not attacks on military or industrial installations, and not fired from remote and inaccessible locations where the local Hamas regime perhaps can't get to them to stop this. No, a far simpler and straightforward scenario: 4 Qassams, fired from the same general area (flat, treeless, densely populated) into any part of southern Israel that the thugs and their lethal weaponry can reach. YNet says two of the rockets landed in opens areas in the city and two others near the security fence dividing northern Gaza from the civilized world.

UPDATE (Wednesday 12-Dec-07 at 8:50am) Eight Qassam attacks so far this morning, according to YNet. But both Haaretz and the YNet Hebrew site are saying 14.

UPDATE (Wednesday 12-Dec-07 at 10:00am) Seventeen Qassams so far this morning. One crashed into Sderot - two women require hospital treatment.

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