Thursday, November 22, 2007

22-Nov-07: Wednesday's attacks (ignored as usual by mainstream media)

With talk of peace all the vogue, the media entirely fail to report (as usual) that last night (Wednesday), two more Qassam rockets were fired from northern Gaza into Israel, according to Israeli reports. They landed near Sderot - one on a road within the southern city's limits; the other near a neighboring kibbutz. There were no reports of injuries or damage. In addition, several mortar shells were fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip at the Erez Crossing yesterday morning. These landed in open fields, causing no injuries or damage. Mortar and rocket attacks on civilian settlements inside Israel's borders are routinely ignored by editors and journalists. This creates tremendous distortions when analysts, politicians and observers report on 'disproportionate' responses by Israel. How can anyone fairly assess what's proportionate if they're unaware (that's the effect of the media blackout) of the events that precede?

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Yehudi01 said...

It's so true. The American media never reports any qassam rocket attacks...or anything of that nature unless there is tremendous damage or loss of life. It is too bad because Israel is later villified when they respond.