Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31-Oct-07: Got another intended murderer

Israel's self-defence measures come in for mindless, but highly persistent, criticism from outsiders whose knowledge of the situation is pitifully deficient. The day that the terrorists start wearing stickers on their foreheads announcing their malevolent intentions is the day Israel can afford to dismantle its roadblocks, checkpoints and security patrols.

Meanwhile, here's a current story, somewhat typical in its details and in the fact that it's not likely to appear in any non-Israeli media.
An 18-year-old Palestinian was arrested near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron today after he was found to be carrying an improvised pistol, two knives and a suicide note. For our slower-witted readers, the Jerusalem Post helpfully reports that the Arab was "intending to carry out an attack in the area". He's now been invited to take part in "further interrogation".
An anonymous reader of This Ongoing War sent the following question to us earlier today (we no longer publish anonymous comments): "Does our media report every attack in Iraq that does not cause casualties? No. Why should it do so for Israel?" (Refer to the previous blog entry to understand what is being asked.) The answer is - because it's impossible to make sense of Israel's extraordinary self-defence measures without knowing about the extraordinary security situation that all Israelis face.

Routinely, systematically, deliberately - reports of terror attacks on Israelis, both actual and thwarted, are buried by editors at media channels throughout the world. One of the reasons we started this blog was to be an outlet for the information buried by others. Israel is in the midst of an ongoing war. To believe differently is to take unconscionable risks and foolish steps.

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Mireille18 said...

From haaretz newspaper today...

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday that a large-scale Israel Defense Forces operation against Palestinian rocket squads was drawing near. "Every day that passes brings us closer to a broad operation in Gaza," Barak told Army Radio. "We are not happy to do it, we're not rushing to do it, and we'll be happy if circumstances succeed in preventing it," he said. "But the time is approaching when we'll have to undertake a broad operation in Gaza."

- When the army acts, the world will pretent like its' some kind of surprise but the provokation has been coming for along time. But as you say, the world is unaware because their media is covering up all these attacks from Gaza. No one else would put up with this for so long as the israelians do.