Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24-Oct-07: Appropriate responses to 15 bombs in 24 hours?

15 Qassam rockets were fired by Palestinian Arab terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza into Israel in the 24 hours between Monday morning and Tuesday morning, says the IDF.

Recall that the Israeli cabinet decided on 19-Sep-07 to declare the Gaza Strip "hostile territory". Israel said it would harm civilian infrastructure if the rocket-fire did not stop. It mentioned such steps as limiting electricity and fuel supplies but not water.

Those non-lethal, non-military steps to stop the rocket attacks immediately provoked widespread condemnation by the "international community" and human rights organizations. Speeches were made in various non-Israeli cities declaring that such measures amounted to breaches of international law and of the Geneva Convention.

But no practical step of any kind was announced or executed by any government or NGO against the Hamas regime - a regime that stands squarely behind the ongoing and escalating lethal attacks on Israelis. And those rockets keep being fired.

So in the wake of the steady toll of attacks that no other government on earth would tolerate against its people, Israel now says it plans to start implementing its threat in the coming days.

Expect to see electricity cut-offs from Israel to the Gaza Strip, according to Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai, speaking today. Electricity would be cut for several hours a day in the course of several weeks to the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun and nearby areas from where the majority of rockets were being launched at Israel, he said. But hospitals and other "humanitarian" facilities would not be cut off, he said, expressing a sensitivity that is entirely absent in the deliberate actions of the terrorists and their regime.

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gharqad tree said...

Does Israel have a voice?

I mean, apart from the blogosphere?

Would a major statement by the Israeli Prime Minister not make headlines?

You are facing acts of war each and every day. Can Olmert not address, for example, the General Assembly of the UN, or the Security Council, and in terms that would guarantee the attention of the world's media, spell out exactly what Israel is facing: a UN member state, whose citizens are facing the threat of death EVERY SINGLE DAY from a strip of land which was handed to Palestinian control over two years ago, and which is now ruled by a group classified by most of the western world as a terrorist murder squad; a UN member state that supplies these murderers with electricity and water for the sake of the civilian population that voted the murder squad into power in large numbers.

Olmert (or someone *with* balls) needs to spell it out: we were being murdered in large numbers, and when we fought back as any other nation would, you compared us to the Nazis; so we stopped fighting back and built a security barrier instead, which has saved many lives, so you called us an "apartheid state". We were being killed in large numbers so you told us our occupation was illegal. We told you it would be insanity to leave Gaza to the thugs, but we withdrew anyway, and the attacks have been continuing daily for two years. We would be justified in reoccupying Gaza to protect the lives of our citizens - as any other state may by now have done, but instead we are toying with the idea of ending our voluntary supply of water and electricity to our attackers. You call this collective punishment and you compare us to the Nazis.

Your leaders should be asking the world; how can we, a UN member-state, end these attacks on our citizens without incurring the wrath of nations that would NEVER allow THEIR citizens to face daily threat of death from religious terrorist militias?

Your leaders should be waving Palestinian Authority schoolbooks and publications before the UN and the world; your leaders should be forcing the world to hear the filth and hatred that gets fed into Palestinian minds.

And your leaders should say to the world: we are under attack, every single day, and we refuse to be the only country in the world expected to simply put up with it because the rest of the world feels guilty that we are a nation.

The silence we in the West hear from your leaders - while you are daily attacked - is shocking and criminal. That Israel's reputation is left almost solely in the care of bloggers is tragic.

You deserve so much better than this.