Monday, September 17, 2007

17-Sep-07: Additional words (even in Persian) are superfluous

Thanks, Yaakov.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the answer is an act of war unless you are the state of the Chosen People and then you can bomb anybody (well except white people unless you have US approval) at will.

Shove your bigotry where the sun does not shine you weasals.

gharqad tree said...

"bomb anybody at will".... well, let's see:

scenario a: Israel attacks targets in southern Lebanon in retaliation for attacks by Hezbollah. Reaction? Loud denunciations from the UN, the Vatican, almost all western media, calls for boycotts, public protests etc.

scenario b: Israel launches raids against Palestinian 'refugee' camps to root out the sources of ongoing and repeated terrorist attacks. Reaction? Squeals of horror and outrage from the UN, the Vatican, and almost all western media, BBC demonisation of Israel, public protests, etc etc.

scenario c: The Lebanese army spends several weeks pounding the hell out of a Palestinian 'refugee' camp in Lebanon, in an effort to root out terrorist cells within. Reaction? Anybody? Hello? No boycott calls?

You're right about the double standard, anon, but entirely wrong about how it works.