Tuesday, August 07, 2007

7-Aug-07: What disaster have these thugs wrought on their people

It's reported this evening that a Qassam rocket -- yet another one of hundreds fired off by Palestinian terrorists in the past several years -- today killed an eight-year-old boy and his six-year-old sister. Five more children were injured. The rocket was fired at Israel. But as happens often when you have neither the wit nor the concern to fight like a man, it fell short and struck the children's house in the village of Beit Lahiya, a Gazan Arab town. Atypically of Palestine's revolutionary "heroes", no group claimed responsibility.

As of this writing, Australia's ABC and the Iranian "news" network Alalam both say the deaths happened because "
an Israeli shell they were playing with exploded, witnesses and medics said." Some witnesses. (Even the Irish Times has been reporting for the past nine hours that a rocket "fired at Israel by Palestinian militants today fell short and killed two Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, ambulance crews said.")

Neither source deems newsworthy the fact that Beit Lahiya has for the past two years served as the principal staging area for many of the deadly Palestinian Arab rockets fired daily into Israeli farms, home, schools and towns.

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