Tuesday, July 24, 2007

24-Jul-07: And on it goes...

A Qassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip today made a direct hit on a house in Kibbutz Karmiya. The rocket crashed through the roof and exploded in the bedroom of an 8-month-old baby Zionist girl.

Fortunately, the child's mother had heard the incoming-rocket warning siren and grabbed the baby from her crib and ran with her to a safer part of the house. Houses on this kibbutz have no reinforced "safe rooms". Three members of the same family - a grandmother, the mother, and the baby - were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. (The picture at right shows the effect on the Zionist crib.)

Yesterday a student at Sderot's Sapir College suffered light injuries when another Qassam from Gaza crashed into the grounds of the college campus. And yet another Qassam landed near a Sderot school on Sunday, causing damage to property but fortunately no injuries.

The Islamic Jihad terror organization claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. Haaretz reports that very shortly afterwards, an Israel Air Force strike elminated two Islamic Jihad terrorists in Beit Hanoun, the town in the northern part of the Gaza Strip from which many of the terror rockets are fired. Palestinian sources quoted in Yediot confirm two Islamic Jihad gunmen were killed and four others injured.

How did the world's media cover the attack on innocent civilians? Google News tells us. The near-disaster in the kibbutz bedroom is reported by the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz; words, no pictures. Non-Israeli media coverage? Nil.

The deaths of the Islamic Jihadists? Associated Press has this and four other pictures just like it.
Funerals of dead Palestinians are their own justification in the eyes of many editors. The context is immaterial. That these recently-dead men were cold-blooded fanatical killers is of zero interest to the people who bring us the news.


Anonymous said...

Keep denying the humanity of the Palestinian resistance fighters.

Keep denying the atrocities Israel has meted out on the Palestinians for years.

Surely that will lead you to peace.

gharqad tree said...

Brave, brave resistance fighters, taking on the might of that infant with only a crude missile. Who could deny their bravery or their humanity?!

Yes, we've all heard about the atrocities Israel has meted out to the Palestinians - the THOUSANDS MASSACRED at Jenin, for example. Sorry, I miscounted - I meant the hundreds slaughtered in Jenin. Well, maybe not hundreds then... but there was a gunfight, and more Palestinian fighters than Israeli fighters died... which counts as an atrocity in Palestinian terminology. (It's rather like what's been happening at the Palestinian camp in Lebanon recently, except that no-one's really calling it an atrocity there, because... oh yeah - because it wasn't Israel, it wasn't the Jews!)

Anonymous, you can take your definition of humanity, and your baby-killing resistance fighters, and your false atrocity theatre, and stick em all somewhere enjoyable.

Rational people don't WANT peace on your terms. You can give the thugs Czechoslovakia, or Gaza, the result is the same, and rational people know that.

Anonymous said...


You can take your sanctiminious BS and bigotry and stuff it where the sun does not shine.

Israel will never have peace until it accepts the Palestinians as equal human beings.

What you advocate is peace through superior firepower; a premise that has always resulted in more conflict.

Anonymous said...


Might I suggets that we debate in a forum other than this one which is heavily censored by the Zionist bigots who operate this blog? You do understand that I can rebutt every one of your BS statements but the blog owners here won't publish these rebuttals; it goes against their desire to promulgate their ideological filth.

You choose the free forum and I will meet you there.

gharqad tree said...

Anonymous, the operators of this blog have let you publish comment after comment on what is - after all - THEIR blog not yours, and in the days when you still tried to make reasoned arguments with me, you were, to be honest, never very good at it. You'll forgive me if I take your bald assertion that you could - if only you were allowed - successfully refute everything I believe, with, shall we say, a significant amount of salt. It is noteworthy, for example, that you rarely if ever make substantive replies to any points raised either by me or "the operators" of this blog. You resort very easily to name-calling and insult. There have been so many points to which you have not even ventured the slightest attempt at an answer.

And at the end of the day, there are enough people in my life who are prepared to argue the Palestinian case. I frankly don't need one more, especially one as seemingly unpleasant as yourself.

The creators of this blog lost a teenage daughter in the conflict, and their Foundation does much to help families from Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds care for disabled children. This is - I'm guessing here - probably more than you've done with your life, and more than you are capable of doing with your anger. Despite this, you are content to dismiss them as "Zionist bigots". Well, if only everyone could be as open-minded as you, the conflict would soon be resolved...

And besides, why should I waste my time debating someone who thought that a reference to 'our' Western politicians enabled him to label me a liar and a bigot in a public forum? If you can't debate without libelling me, without calling your opponent a liar, I'm sure you have plenty of friends on your own level to debate with.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for admitting you are a coward. To be honest, your reasoning skills are so limited that "debating" with you really is a waste of my time.

You resorted to name calling (you pretend you didn't but that was mere sophistry, I guess insinuating I am an anti-semite is not actually calling me one! LOL!) prior to me slinging mud so no worries, I understand you need to maintain the illusion and convince yourself of what a balanced and reasoned person you are (which to reasonable and sane people is obviously untrue).

Once more, thanks for admitting you are a coward and unwilling to debate me in a free forum. That is the typical response from those who are intellectual lightweights that I expected of you.