Tuesday, July 17, 2007

17-Jul-07: Commitments

Someone has just just mailed us the official Israel government press release announcing the release of the murderers. We can breathe a lot easier now because it says: "Prime Minister Olmert instructs that a prisoner designated for release, who refuses to sign a commitment form, will not be released."

Tough language. We're sitting here now, thinking to ourselves about the hidden powers of commitment forms.

But then it occurs to us to wonder: What if one of the prisoners due to be released on Friday - one of the murderers of children, one of the planners of a drive-by shooting - turns out to be not only a barbarian but a liar as well?


Donald Douglas said...


Have a great week!

gharqad tree said...

You are verging on paranoia: would it help if prisoners would sign not only the Commitment Form, but also a supplementary form guaranteeing that they were being really really honest when they signed the Commitment Form? That way we could be absolutely sure that they would be free to kill agai - sorry, I meant to say - would be completely rehabilitated, peace-loving, ecumenical and productive human beings.

I can understand your concern over the Commitment Form, but I think it's important to remember that this step will bolster that Friend of Israel and seeker after peace, Mahmoud Abbas, a man now internationally-recognized as being a "moderate" Jew-killer. (We used to know Abbas was a moderate because he wasn't as bad as Hamas, but now the BBC tells us that Hamas themselves are moderates in comparison with the evil Dagmush clan, so how moderate does that make Abbas? He's approaching sainthood by default! What does it tell us about the depths to which Palestinian society is sinking, that a Holocaust denier who recently stated that Jews are the source of all trouble in the world, and who oversees terror groups who kill them, can be held up in the West as a moderate?!

It doesn't say much about our politicians... unless of course Abbas has signed a commitment form at some stage, reassuring our leaders that he wants to see Israel destroyed in a very moderate way.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for exposing yourself as a liar. You claim to be non-Jewish from the UK (if memory serves or was it just non-Zionist?) but that is now an obvious lie ...

"It doesn't say much about our politicians... " (ie. Israeli ones - how are they yours if you are a Brit?)

Any other lies coming?


gharqad tree said...


Thanks for exposing yourself as an obsessive and a fool. And incidentally, the technical name for what you have written here is libel. Is that why you choose to remain anonymous?

You will notice that immediately preceding the mention of 'our' politicians comes a reference to Mahmoud Abbas's reputation in 'the West'. I was talking about the way in which he is accepted as a moderate by leaders here in 'the West'.

I hope that this explanation of yet another basic error in your reading and sense of logic does not prevent you from continuing to roll on the floor laughing your ass off, as it's good to have a hobby, and I'm glad you've at last found something you're good at.

Let me repeat; I do not have the honour of being Jewish, I have never lived in Israel, and I was never brainwashed by non-existent Zionist teachers. I currently live in London. You - on the basis of almost everything you've written - currently live in a parallel universe, both logically and morally.

Anonymous, entertaining though it is to be stalked by you in this manner (I'm flattered, really) it is also quite illuminating: if you cannot successfully read a simple comment on a website without jumping off the deep end and making a fool of yourself with absurd and libellous accusations based on a stupid misreading, then how on earth do you expect to be taken seriously on a subject as complex and as serious as the history of, and current situation in, Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

Anonymous said...


You seem to live in some sort of delusional world yourself where your very transparent lies are obvious to everyone except yourself.

Nice try.

BTW I like cyber stalking arrogant, small minded racist bigots such as yourself. People like you disgust me; you are smart enough and well educated enough that you should be able to overcome your primitive tribal loyalty but you choose not to.

So long as you continue to post your outrageous BS here, I will continue to harass you; Particularly know that we all know you are a liar as well as a bigot.

The-View-From-Ramot said...

Our apologies to gharqad tree and other readers offended by the puerile name-calling of an anonymous visitor (above). We will be more pro-active in screening out rude submissions like his/her in future. This one actually slipped through by accident. Rudeness and anonymity don't go well together here, and fortunately there is something small we can do about it (here, not elsewhere), and we will.

gharqad tree said...

No apologies are necessary - but thank you. It is good to see at last - after the imitation of reasoned argument he has offered in the past - his true level laid bare.

If Anonymous is determined to believe that I am secretly an ultra-nationalist Zionist settler Jew living somewhere in the West Bank, let him believe it. If he is sufficiently hysterical to believe that only such a person could fail to support the Palestinians and support Israel instead, again, let him believe it. The simplest reply is that he once took issue with my name: Anonymous, think about it - the Gharqad Tree is the one tree in Muhammed's infamous hadith which the Jew shelters behind without betraying the Jew to the servants of Allah. Doesn't my choosing of that name indicate precisely that I am not Jewish?

I have no intention of cluttering the comments on this excellent site any further in trying to convince a buffoon that I am nothing more than a professional artist and former theology student, living the life of a lapsed Catholic in dreary Bethnal Green, London, England.... It's irrelevant to the issues and I apologize for the space this has already taken up. Though I wouldn't necessarily miss him, I hope Anonymous is also aware that his attempts to argue with me have been nothing less than a pleasure, especially as he has descended so rapidly into the incoherent name-calling and hysterical hatred so typical of the cause he supports. If he thinks I am afraid of his attentions or irritated in some way, he should know that this is simply one more thing about which he is hopelessly wrong.

Maybe I could sign a Commitment Form of some sort, promising him that I am not a Jew or an Israeli, and that my views are therefore not hopelessly biased by little things such as ... being surrounded by genocidal armed militias... presidents seeking nuclear weapons and calling for the destruction of my country... having beloved family members murdered... having rockets daily launched at my community etc etc.

Gharqad Tree - London, England :)