Friday, December 29, 2006

29-Dec-06: Seven Arab Terror Attacks So Far Today

Don't look for this story in the New York Times, BBC World, the Guardian or AFP. Because it's not there. Check now - you'll see from Google News that almost all the reporting that's been published is Israeli.

Palestinian Arabs have fired seven more Qassam rockets into Israel so far today (Friday) and it's still only mid-afternoon. We can tell you what happened with six of the seven. One landed in the Sha'ar Hanegev area; two landed in the Eshkol area; one near the Karni Crossing (a goods crossing for trucks moving between Israel and Gaza); in the strip between Kibbutz Nahal Oz and Kibbutz Alumim; and one on Zikim beach (it's freezing cold, so presumably very few people there).

Nearly seventy - that's 70 - rockets have been fired so far by Pal-Arab thugs operating in Gaza since the "ceasefire" declared on 27th November 2006.

(The comprehensive BBC Israelis-and_Palestinians web-page is almost entirely devoid of mentions of Qassams or Israeli victims. The sole reference to what's being done to Sderot is from June.)

Thankfully the casualties and damage were relatively light this time. But there have been deaths. And families unlucky enough to be making their homes in undisputed, uncontested, unoccupied, 100%-lawful Israeli towns within firing range of the Gazans are in constant, very real danger, their lives terrorised and bordering on the unbearable.

On a far more positive note, we're very glad to report that there has been a significant improvement in the condition of 14-year old Adir Basad who was injured by a Qassam rocket in Sderot on Tuesday. He recovered consciousness in Barzilai Hospital yesterday, breathing independently after being taken off the respirator on Thursday morning. One report says he managed to speak a little with his family.

Discerning consumers of news products will be asking themselves why the constant barrage of rockets is almost entirely unmentioned in news reports; why the so-called "ceasefire", now in its second bogus month, continues to be reported as if it were holding; why the absence of even a semblance of counter-terrorist activity by the terrorist regime in Gaza is undisclosed. The disgraceful, deliberate, politically-motivated silence of the major media channels in the face of this ongoing war is a story that has to be told.

Just don't hold your breath waiting for Reuters, AP and the other majors to do it.

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