Tuesday, December 26, 2006

26-Dec-06: Excavators for Freedom, Dig It?

An Associated Press report says the digging of tunnels used for smuggling arms into the Palestinian Authority is Gaza's "fastest growing" business. Not only that, but it's "one of the biggest obstacles to any lasting Israeli-Palestinian truce".

The number of tunnels has doubled since Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip almost a year and a half ago. According to both Israeli and Palestinian sources, the weapons reaching Palestinian hands include longer-range Katyusha rockets, cordite, the explosive propellant used in anti-aircraft weapons, anti-tank missiles and "thousands of rifles and tons of explosives."

When Israel withdrew, says AP:

some 90 tunnels were operating. Now, there are at least 150, but the number is probably closer to 250, said one tunnel digger. The digger, a tunnel operator and a former operator - all insisting on anonymity because they said they fear repercussions despite relatively lax law enforcement - described the tunneling.

But to be fair, when you're as busy blowing one another's people's brains out, as Abbas of Fatah and Haniyeh of Hamas are, you can hardly be expected to trouble yourself with sideshows like tunnels. Or with stopping Qassam rockets. Four were fired into Israel this morning, bringing to thirty the number of Palestinian Arab missiles fired from Gaza into Israeli towns, cities, farms and homes in the past week of this "ceasefire".

Is anyone, but literally anyone, bothered by the bald-faced hypocrisy of the Pal-Arab terrorists and their fancy Italian suits and ties?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I AM.
A lot of good it does. Thanks for keeping me informed on all of this. I think I know more from reading your blog than my kid does at KBY.