Friday, September 01, 2006

1-Sep-06: Pipe-dreams and pipe-nightmares

We're still trying to absorb the import of Mahmoud Abbas referring yesterday to the rain of Qassam rockets onto Israeli communities and homes as being a matter of mere "pipes".

In the mean time, we're indebted to blog visitor Gharqad Tree for his valuable comment:

"I wouldn't claim that casualty figures are irrelevant, (every death from these rockets is terrible and unacceptable) but we should be careful when using them. You end up playing into the hands of the ignorant media, who decide the morality of the respective sides merely by assessing which side has suffered the heaviest losses. The one fact that remains, regardless of mathematics or statistics, is that elements of Palestinian society have no moral problem with using the 'liberated' Gaza Strip as a launching pad for rockets, the sole intention of which is to kill and maim Israeli civilians. That the rockets frequently fail in this aim tells us nothing about the people who launch them, or the fear that they engender in innocent Israelis..."
To reinforce the point, and to make plain the utter contempt we have for Mahmoud Abbas and his absurd characterization of deadly explosives as "pipes", here at right are several images we have collected. They show (to those interested in looking a little beyond the polemics of corrupt and tainted politicians) what pipes like those deployed by terrorists can do to the lives of civilized and peaceable people and communities.

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ophelia said...

what i don't get (and you've probably heard this before) is how on earth all these people think they can get away with killing israeli children, little israeli children, on purpose, but when israel accidentally kills a palestinian child, they flip out. isn't a child a child, no matter what side of the conflict he or she comes from? i do realize that they have no respect for life, so are they using the accidental deaths of their children as an excuse to wage this war? or is their fury sometimes justified? or is it both? either way, why kill israeli children in retaliation? don't they realize that the children didn't do anything--it was the grownups?? any sane, level-headed person, as these people claim to be, would realize that a 4-year-old child for a 4-year-old child isn't right. i mean, you lost your child under some very unfortunate circumstances as well, but i don't see you or your relatives over there blowing up buses or ambulances or buildings in retaliation, getting paid $25,000 for each attack you carry out. i could go on forever, but i won't. one last thought: the more i see what these people do on a daily basis, the more i like my dog. not that i ever hated her.