Sunday, July 30, 2006

30-Jul-06: A double standard

We are saddened by the news of the innocent women and children killed killed today in Qana.

We know first hand the pain that the death of a child inflicts on the entire family. Five years after our precious daughter was murdered, the grief is raw.

We are certain that some of those who have expressed their sorrow today over the Lebanese deaths did so out of genuine compassion for the victims.

However, let's be brutally honest. Many of those who claim to be outraged and distressed today over the unnecessary loss of life are thrilled at the opportunity to join in the bash-Israel free-for-all.

When the innocent women and children are Israelis, the reactions heard 'round the world are few, tempered and carefully "balanced" so that they include rebuke of the victim, Israel, as well.

A case in point is the suicide bombing of August 9, 2001, where our Malki died.

On that day, fifteen innocent people - most of them children - were murdered. A sixteenth person, a young mother, remains unconscious until today. More than 130 people, most of them women and children, were mutilated and maimed but survived.

On that day, Kofi Anan could not even trouble himself to face any journalists. His spokesman was sent to read his statement that he deplores not only the act in question but "all acts of terror" - code words, as we know, for acts by Israel against terror organizations.

On that day, the Belgian EU Presidency unreservedly condemned the bombing and abhorred the cowardly act which"mainly claimed the lives of innocent civilians." Of course, every last one of the Israeli victims was innocent. But apparently the EU head found that a bit hard to digest. Presumably he was bemoaning the loss of the life of the murderer himself.

On that day, Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian "hero", and now Israel's most molly-coddled murderer-prisoner, said the following:
"Attacks like today's are "the only way to end the occupation of Palestinian territories. This is a decision that the whole Palestinian people agree upon."
On that day, the Pope said nothing.

On that day, the Security Council of the United Nations did not convene.

The massacre at the Sbarro restaurant did not take place in a building adjacent to rocket launchers or in the vicinity of any other weapons of war. There were no militants and no soldiers in the targeted building.

And there was certainly no warning issued to the customers to vacate the building in advance of the attack.

In that massacre, one entire family was decimated. Mother, father and three of seven children perished.

In that attack, an American couple's only child, pregnant with their first grandchild-to-be, perished.

Does anyone still believe there is one standard for both sides of this conflict?


Anonymous said...

this is what you guys are up against
Milking it

its about Qana - and its about how Hezbollah are using the dead bodies of children for propaganda purposes.

it is an utterly sick, and twisted mindset.

Rob said...

A very moving post. Thank you - it puts the necessary perspective.

katje said...

Yours has become one of the first sites I look at when I come online, not just because it's one of the only ones I trust to look at what's going on objectively, but because you have such a moral and compassionate way of seeing the human cost of this war.

I am continually disgusted by the way the int'l media twists and distorts every facet of the war to Hizb's favour, especially to the extent of the UN allowing itself to be guided on grisly photo ops by terrorist body exhibitors, proudly displaying their own handiwork for the world to blame Israel for. I often feel (as must you, I'm sure) that the world has gone completely mad.

I am in FULL support of Israel in this war, and take every opportunity to inform everyone possible of the inexhaustible number of reasons (spanning so many years that only my relative youth keeps me from being utterly embarassed to count them) why Israel deserves everyone's support against these murderers and torturers and sadists. Please continue to report everything you can, as you've been doing, and accept the prayers (and efforts) of your many supporters over here who are praying for your success, health, safety and comfort, and doing what little they may be able toward that end.

Rob said...

I've referenced this post and your dear daughter's photo on my website. I hope that's not a liberty.

Scottage said...

This is a beautiful piece, and brought tears to my eyes. Although it's years after the fact, your daughter is in my prayers tonight.

Elisabeth said...

This is so true and said very well. I have dedicated a post in my blog about Malki and quoted your story. I hope that is ok with you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

The-View-From-Ramot said...

Elisabeth, your thoughtfulness is appreciated, and if you mention our Malki on your site, we'll be grateful. The same to you Rob.
- Arnold