Tuesday, August 12, 2014

12-Aug-14: Despite everything, can it be that Israel is about to free more prisoners? Arabs are saying yes

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From a Khaled Abu Toameh report posted on the Jerusalem Post website this (Monday) evening:
With regards to Hamas’ demand that Israel release Palestinian prisoners who were detained over the past two months in the West Bank, the sources said that the Israelis have agreed to free those who were part of the Schalit prisoner exchange. Israel has also agreed, the sources claimed, to release the fourth batch of prisoners who were arrested before the signing of the Oslo Accords and who were supposed to be freed earlier this year as part of a US-sponsored agreement between Israel and the PA, but only in return for the bodies of two IDF soldiers killed during Operation Protection (sic) Edge.
We're naturally hoping the Jerusalem Post report is wrong. The background is here: "11-Aug-14: Shalit Transaction revisited: At what point does facing up to the cost of a disastrous decision become unavoidable?

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