Monday, June 23, 2014

23-Jun-14: Divesting Presbyterians: An afterthought

We belong to those "Jewish brothers and sisters" whom the Presbyterian Church USA leadership professes to love, and suggest this post be seen as expression of love right back.

Below, there's a video clip of a remarkable CNN interview with  the new moderator of the church. The sharp questions, dull answers and skirting around the point make it worth a few minutes of our readers' attention.

Click here for the CNN interview
Just a couple of final comments (with thanks to our friend ES): We think the true intentions of PCUSA are unmasked when they decided to divest from Motorola Solutions. What was its sin? The supply of surveillance equipment to Jewish communities. Now that equipment is entirely defensive, aimed at stopping the kind of terrorists who enter settlements and murder Jewish children in their beds. It saves lives on both sides. If Motorola needs to be sanctioned for this, what does this say about the church's view of the rights of people living in those communities to be protected from murderous thugs?

And Hewlett-Packard? Their equipment went to assist the enforcement of the embargo on  the Hamas-controlled, terrorism-infected Gaza Strip for reasons that are clear enough to most open-eyed folk. Is that embargo illegal and is that why Motorola ought to be punished, along with Israel? There are plenty of haters of Israel who say 'yes'. But a major United Nations review in 2011 found it was lawful and appropriate.

So what does Friday's PCUSA decision really say about those who voted for it, their views of the Jewish state and those who live here, and the nature of love?

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