Friday, October 11, 2013

11-Oct-13: A third murder, probably by terrorists again, as our side prepares to free more of them

The LA Times report
It's still too early to be certain, but it appears the murder of an Israeli man in his sixties, bludegeoned to death outside his home last night, is the third lethal terrorist attack on an Israeli in as many weeks.

The LA Times ["Israeli man killed outside his Jordan Valley home"] reports:
An Israeli man was beaten to death in the backyard of his home in the Jordan Valley overnight, medical and security officials told media early Friday morning. According to his wife, Sariya Ofer went out to investigate a strange noise outside the couple's house in the isolated settlement Brosh Habika when he was attacked by two men, who beat him with iron rods and axes... Security forces suspect the attack was carried out by Palestinians but couldn't immediately confirm whether it was politically or criminally motivated... This is the latest in a recent chain of violent incidents throughout the West Bank, including the separate killing of two soldiers and a shooting attack in a settlement last week. Speaking to media Friday, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon called for a suspension of talks with the Palestinians and a halt to "releasing terrorists," an increasingly frequent demand from government hawks.
In the past couple of hours, it has been reported [in Times of Israel, for instance] that five Palestinian Arabs were arrested today in connection with the killing.
The arrests came after several hours of searches and roadblocks by security forces in the area, following the early-morning killing. IDF Chief Benny Gantz called the attack “serious” and President Shimon Peres said “no one will rest” until the perpetrators were caught. Officials are still not sure whether the attack was nationalistically motivated or criminal in nature. However, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, “We strongly believe this was a terror attack.” Seraiah Ofer, 61, was killed by men wielding metal bars and axes outside his home in the Brosh Habika vacation village, which he owned and operated, at about 1 a.m. Friday.
Today's victim [Image Source]
With due respect to the public officials quoted here, a murder is always "serious". And having the police "not rest" until the killers are behind bars really only makes sense when we can all believe with utter confidence that the justice system and not the politicians will determine the punishment.

Israel is preparing to release yet another tranche of convicted Palestinian Arab murderers and other terrorists in two and a half weeks from today. We are, as we have written over and again, simply astounded at how little attention is being paid by Israel's political leadership to the connection between (a) the constant glorification of the killers on the part of the Abbas-controlled Palestinian Authority, and (b) the incessant attempts by Palestinian Arabs to kill and maim innocent civilians who are Israeli.

This is not a political matter, and should not be allowed to become one. It's simple good sense and a fundamental principle of public life and government.

Some major wires have gotten seriously crossed.

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