Sunday, November 11, 2012

11-Nov-12 [UPDATED]: Post-midnight update on Gazan terror-rocket barrages

It's still frighteningly turbulent tonight in those parts of southern Israel within shooting distance of the Gazan terrorists.

Walla! News reports that one of tonight's Qassam rockets crashed into a residential neighbourhood in an undisclosed part of the Eshkol region (which we note includes 14 kibbutz communities, 12 moshavim or agricultural communal settlements and three villages), landing close to two homes, and damaging one of them. A high-voltage power line was damaged in the same rocket attack. Fortunately, there are no injuries.

On the IDF blog, they're reporting [here] that, shortly before midnight, a rocket firing terror gang was caught in the act and targeted by IDF fire. "A direct hit was confirmed", according to the IDF. Reuters  is running a syndicated report at this hour to the same effect.

Several more rockets were reported crashing into the Eshkol and Sha'ar Hanegev regions while we were busy with writing this post. Details to come.

The Home Command has just instructed the authorities in the coastal city of Ashdod (population: about 210,000) to cancel school classes on Sunday [source]. The city came under rocket attack earlier tonight.

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