Sunday, November 08, 2009

8-Nov-09: What the Goldstone report did not do

Here's the central question that the Goldstone commission needed to ask, and didn't. But Dr Moshe Halbertal did, in the current issue of the The New Republic:
"What should Israel do when Hezbollah’s more lethal and accurate missiles strike the center of Tel Aviv, causing hundreds of civilian deaths? It is a well-known fact that these missiles are in Hezbollah’s possession, and, when they are fired, it will be from populated villages in Lebanon."

It's a cogent, elegant and compelling read... just about the exact moral and logical opposite of what Mr Goldstone and his careless crew of partisans achieved. Shame on them. Or as Halbertal puts it so sadly and so well: "The Goldstone Report as a whole is a terrible document. It is biased and unfair. It offers no help in sorting out the real issues."


If you know any thoughtful people who genuinely want to understand the fiercely important questions that societies like Israel have to grapple with every day while fighting the terrorists, you could do a lot worse than to point them to Halbertal's essay.

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