Sunday, September 17, 2006

17-Sep-06: Israel Under Rocket Attack Once Again

Just now
Sunday morning, and already the rockets of the terrorists have started their week's work.

Haaretz reports that one person is injured and two others are treated for shock as a result of two rocket attacks this morning. The first, at 7am, lands in a residential part of Sderot, the small southern Israeli city that has never been "occupied territory" or otherwise disputed - it's 100% civilian, 100% Israeli, 100% a terror target.

Houses and cars are damaged.

The second rocket twenty minutes later crashed into Kibbutz Gevim, an agricultural settlement nearby, killing dozens of chickens and causing damage to equipment.

Yediot Aharonot says three Qassam rockets were fired into Israel from the northern Gaza Strip on Friday morning. Two landed in the agricultural hothouses of Kibbutz Nativ Ha'asara in the western Negev, while the third exploded in an open field near Shaar Hanegev. In both incidents no one was injured.

On average, ten rockets a week have been crashing into Israeli targets over the last five months. This ongoing terrorist initiative remains barely reported by the mainstream media, who choose to ignore it entirely when reporting on Israeli measures (like Friday's) to eliminate the terrorists and their arsenals.

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