Monday, May 16, 2016

16-May-16: Monday morning knifing in downtown Jerusalem

An image from social media: The intersection of Nevi'im and Route 1, near Damscus Gate, has seen
many recent Arab-on-Israeli stabbings 
Too early to be sure of the details, but news reports are emerging this morning (it's now 9:45 am Monday here) of a stabbing attack in central Jerusalem. Ynet says the assault happened on HaNevi'im (Prophets) Street, that the terrorist "was neutralized" by a Border Guard (Mishmar Hag'vul) police officer, and that the victim suffered stabbing injuries to the upper body and is reported to be in "light condition".

Other reports via social media say the stabbing was done close to Damascus Gate (in Hebrew, Sha'ar Shechem meaning Nablus Gate), that there are light injuries to a member of the security forces, that the attacker is alive, unharmed and under arrest, and that he is suspected of having an accomplice who has also been taken into custody. (We have noted in the past that the terror organizations have taken in recent months to encouraging attacks by pairs of assailants, evidently to improve the yield they so earnestly desire.) The knife allegedly used in the stabbing has been found (allegedly).

We have also seen unverified photos [here, for instance] of a man said to be the victim - a young Haredi Jew - and have the impression that his injuries seem relatively light. No details yet of the identity of the attackers. But from past experience, it will not be surprising if they turn out to be minors.

UPDATE May 16, 2016 at 8:30 pm: The victim is Yehoshua Frank, 26. Ynet quotes his recollections of the horror:
"I was with my wife on Hanevi'im Street with our twins who were in the stroller, and we were waiting for someone who was supposed to show us a new apartment in the area. All of a sudden, a young man stopped by us. He hesitated for a moment, and I saw that he was taking out a knife. I immediately ran up to him, and he yelled and jumped on me, and stabbed me in the shoulder and ribs. I fought him and pushed him away. Then he threw his knife at me and ran... It was a miracle that I noticed him... My first thought was that G-d forbid he would hurt my kids and my wife. When I went up to him, he focused on me. It's a miracle that I looked around and paid attention to who was stopping next to me."

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