Thursday, November 26, 2015

26-Nov-15: At Tapuah, another knife attacker is stopped

There has been yet another knifing attack at Tapuah Junction. This morning, a Palestinian Arab male emerged from taxi that dropped him at the security checkpoint at Tapuah Junction (other reports say he got there via his own car), and ran with a knife toward soldiers shouting “Allahu Akbar,” according to police quoted by Times of Israel. That's the location where numerous attacks - including stabbings, shootings and vehicle-rammings - have been executed by Palestinian Arabs in the past two months, and less frequently in the years before. [Some dozens of our Tapuah posts are here.] The assailant was immediately shot by alert service personnel at the security checkpoint. The web-based television news channel i24news is reporting that he died of his injuries. No Israelis are reported hurt.

UPDATE via The Associated Press: "The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the assailant as 51-year-old Samir Seresi."

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