Saturday, October 17, 2015

17-Oct-15: The rockets have not been forgotten - just ignored

Easy to overlook such matters (especially if you're a foreign news editor at a news channel that reports on what Israel does to the Arabs) but in among the torrent of knifing, shooting, car-ramming and bombing attacks directed at Israelis the past few weeks, there remain tens of thousands of rockets pointed at Israeli communities. And when they get fired off, accompanied by Palestinian Arab prayers for maximum destruction, pain and damage on the Israeli side, they are almost never reported.

Like early this morning, for instance:
A rocket that was launched from the Gaza Strip on Friday night and fell near the border fence was located on Saturday. The rocket did not explode when it hit the ground, and there was no Code Red siren when it was launched. An IDF Engineering Corps force set off a controlled explosion to destroy the rocket. No one was hurt and no damage was caused. [Ynet]
The ineffectiveness of this morning's rocket was certainly not the intention of the people doing the firing. They take their lives in their hands when they shoot rockets at Israeli targets. They intend to kill and maim. Friday was declared a "Day of Rage" by the Hamas regime in Gaza.

If a non-Israeli news channel reported this rocket, we have yet to see it. We doubt such reports exist. But the Israeli response, if and when that comes, will certainly be covered in the media.

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