Wednesday, December 03, 2014

03-Dec-14: Stabbing attack inside an Israeli supermarket

Supermarket magnate Rami Levy [Image Source]
The Rami Levy chain of supermarkets are a phenomenon in Israel: well-tended large-format stores, attractive prices, a growing list of locations, and some showcase examples of Arab/Israeli co-existence both behind the counters and among the clientele. In other words, an obvious target for the hatred and racist jihadism of the Palestinian Arab terror industry.

Just in from Times of Israel:
A man stabbed two people and was shot by a security guard in the West Bank Wednesday afternoon. Police are treating the incident as a terror attack. The assault took place at a Rami Levy supermarket in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone, east of Jerusalem... One of the injured was a paramedic who fought with the attacker, according to an eyewitness. The two victims, men in their fifties, were moderately injured, with wounds in the upper body. The assailant entered the supermarket and began attacking customers at the checkout lines, Channel 2 reported. He was shot in the legs.
Ynet is reporting that two accomplices of the knifer have been arrested.

From informal sources, we understand the man whose gun-shot stopped the would-be killer was not the store security guard but an ordinary shopper who, like many Israelis and especially those who live in Judea and Samaria, carries a well-holstered pistol and the skill to use it when absolutely essential. Like this afternoon.

The Rami Levy business has been the target of Palestinian Authority bile for some time, as Israeli Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh reported in 2010 ["PA warns Palestinian shoppers"]:
Thousands of Palestinians converge every day on the Rami Levy supermarkets at Sha’ar Binyamin and Mishor Adumim, the only two branches in the West Bank [there are more today]. The two stores also employ dozens of Palestinians. This was the first threat of its kind issued by the PA against Palestinians who visited the Israeli supermarkets, which are named after their founder. Levy, who was born in a tin shack in Jerusalem’s Nahlaot neighborhood in 1955, founded the company in 1976. He has never lived in a settlement...  Abu Libdeh [PA Economy Minister at the time, Hassan Abu Libdeh] warned Palestinians in an interview with the local Al-Watan TV station that the PA knew the names of individuals and families who shop in the Rami Levy stores. He condemned the phenomenon of Palestinians buying goods at the Israeli supermarkets in the West Bank as a “big disgrace.”
There's plenty of disgrace to go round whenever the story concerns the Palestinian Authority.

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