Monday, November 10, 2014

10-Nov-14: Music to kill by

For all the purported sympathy which exists in Western circles for the cause of the Palestinian Arabs, the fact remains that if you don't speak or read Arabic, you have no real claim to understanding what they do and say among themselves.

And if you believe a people's music culture says nothing about their values and aspirations, you're entirely failing to address what they actually stand for.

On YouTube in Arabic, a new song expressing a Palestinian Arab passion, has watched hundreds of thousands of times. Its explicit purpose: to encourage greater use of drivers and cars in the war of terror against Israeli civilians. In simpler terms: a call to murder.

Courtesy of one of the few sources that translates this sort of material into English, here are the lyrics of one among the several current versions:
You [Israelis] ran over a two-month-old [see our note below]
We paid you back twofold
For you, glorious Al-Aqsa
We’ll run over settlers
Run over the settler! Run over the settler! 
Lay an ambush on the road And run them over,
Allah will aid you
The whole Arab nation is telling you: Al-Akari, bless your [soul]
Run over the settler! Run over the settler!... 
Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaloudi ran over a Jewish settler
He did it for his country with his limited means
Run over the settler! Run over the settler!... 
Today, the entire people demands a hero willing to fight with weapons
He began fighting with a car, running them over like rabbits.
Run over the settler! Run over the settler!... 
Run them over, burn the next in line
Don’t leave a single settler
In Gaza they [Hamas] took away their dignity.
In the [West] Bank we want to wipe them out.
Run over the settler! Run over the settler! 
Wait for them at the intersection
Let the settler drown in red blood
Terrorize them, your heart is strong.
Careful: Show no compassion
Run over the settler! Run over the settler! 
Mutaz Hijazi didn’t neglect [his duty]
when he wielded his weapon and took control
Mother [of Hijazi], let’s hear cries of joy Mutaz has been promised Paradise.
Run over the settler! Run over the settler!...
Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up;
Don’t let the Zionist live long
O Al-Aqsa, we’re your defenders
O son of Jerusalem, cry ‘Allah is great’!
Run over the settler! Run over the settler!... 
Netanyahu, tell your people, your soldiers have gotten lost in the [West] Bank
Every day we’ll run over one of your soldiers, O Palestinians, O proud ones
Run over the settler! Run over the settler! 
Refuel your car and run over the settlers
Until my country’s land returns, for your sake, Palestine.
Run over the settler! Run over the settler!‎" Run them over, destroy, 
About the two month old child in the first line, the people at Palestinian Media Watch explain:
"A two-month-old baby” in the song apparently refers to an accident that occurred on Oct. ‎‎19, 2014, when a Jewish Israeli man from the town of Yizhar ran over and killed five-‎year-old Inas Dar Khalil and critically injured five-year-old Toleen Asfour, on a highway ‎in the West Bank. According to official Israeli news sources, the man called the police to ‎report the incident, which an initial investigation revealed to have been an accident. The ‎incident is still being investigated.‎"
While the refrain in this small act of grotesquery refers to "the settler", it's doubtful whether any of the people murdered by jihad-minded Palestinian Arab drivers in the past fortnight could be called settlers. The journalist Tom Gross makes that point in his commentary here.

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