Monday, June 09, 2014

09-Jun-14: UN's senior rep in the area pays respects to PA/Hamas axis, and Israel gets a Sunday night rocket attack from Gaza

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At Israel National News, they reported in the past hour (it's now 1:30 am Monday) that a Qassam rocket fired from Hamas-controlled Gazan territory crashed and exploded in the Hof Ashkelon region of southern Israel tonight (Sunday night). No injuries are reported, and there is no serious property damage. Times of Israel, quoting Israel Radio, says the rocket actually failed to make it as far as the Israel/Gaza border and crashed into open Palestinian Arab territory close to the security fence i.e. yet another "Fell Short". And a later Times of Israel report today ["IDF chief: Dramatic armament taking place in Gaza"] says there were actually two.

Israelis have long understood the truly indiscriminate nature of those rockets that are embedded and hidden away by the tens of thousands in every corner of the Gaza Strip. The men doing the firing care not one bit for questions like who gets hurt or what is destroyed so long as the effect is to sow terror.

The fire tonight coincided with a formal visit by a high-level representative of the United Nations bureaucracy on Sunday, the first since the "reconciliation deal agreed in Gaza City's Beach Camp between long-time rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas" (to quote a UN News Center media release issued yesterday). Robert Serry, the UN's senior envoy in the Middle East and "the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Representative to the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority", held well-publicized meetings with several of the newly-sworn-in ministers in the Fatah/Hamas axis government and "pledged the Organization's ongoing support as the nascent process moves forward..."

The nascent process did indeed move forward tonight. Fortunately the damage was minor.

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