Wednesday, June 19, 2013

19-Jun-13: Rocket, intended to hit Israeli civilians, falls short in Gaza

Around dawn this morning (Wednesday), a rocket was fired by one of the rocket-firing entities of the terrorism-infested Gaza Strip. Ynet says it happened around 5:40am.

As with many 'fell short' firings in the past, this one failed to get across the Gaza/Israel border and crashed somewhere inside Gaza, possibly on top of some unfortunate Gazan family as has happened often enough. There are no reports yet of damage or human losses. From experience, when there are Arab-on-Arab injuries, this rarely gets reported at all. In the war against the terrorists, it's news mainly when Israel can be accused of something. According to Ynet, there was probably another incoming Gazan rocket firing on Monday; further details are not known.

The Times of Israel is reporting that the incoming-rocket alarm (Tzeva Adom) system was sounded today in the vicinity of Israel's major southern coastal city, Ashkelon. It says COGAT (Israel's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) immediately closed the vital Kerem Shalom crossing to commercial traffic, which sooner or later is going to prompt a round of gnashing of teeth by sources in the media asking how the Israelis can conduct themselves so cruelly when they have such pathetic and needy neighbours on the other side of the fence and isn't this collective punishment? (Is it collective punishment when the terrorists fire rockets up in the air in Israel's general direction, caring not a whit for where it lands?)

If the notion of "fell short" is new to you, please take a look at some of our earlier postings about it. "18-Nov-12: Fell short? Not just the Hamas rockets but the ethics of the journalists covering them" would be a good start.

UPDATE:  Israel National News says there were three rockets fired this morning, one of which crashed into Israeli territory.

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