Sunday, July 29, 2012

29-Jul-12: [UPDATED] The terrorists in Gaza haven't gone quiet; they simply failed

After four rocket firings into Israel yesterday [our report] (but the IDF Spokesperson says seven), today has been quiet. Except that in the past half hour, it appears that one of those Gazan "home made rockets" - they're in fact deadly explosive devices manufactured by serious terrorist weapon producers - failed to make it over the Gaza-Israel fence and exploded on the Gazan side [source]. Over on the Israeli side, residents heard a resounding explosion [Hebrew-language source]. It's a virtual certainty that any deaths, injuries or damage to the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza from Gaza-based fire that (excuse the euphemism) dropped short will go unreported by any news media outside of Israel.

UPDATE: It's now 10:30pm Sunday night, and we have an Israeli report [here] of another "dropped short" rocket firing from Gaza that somehow did not manage to cross the border to hit something (anything) Israeli. Media reaction from outside Israel? Obviously, zero.

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