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28-Jul-12 [UPDATED]: The Games have begun but over here the 'games' are continuing as usual, and one of the runners is injured

No special athletic prowess required or expected: ordinary Israelis
in Beer Sheva running for their lives to the nearest shelter after 
an incoming rocket alert is sounded [Image Source]
With the attention of much of the world's public and news media directed at the Olympics, there have been four rocket attacks on southern Israel this evening, Saturday. 

We're much more highly motivated on this subject than most people, and therefore know more or less where to look to find reports about these firings. Most people don't. They therefore have no idea that this happened and keeps happening more or less daily. How can people understand the defensive measures Israel's military takes if basic information about ongoing constant terrorist attacks goes unreported in the news media?

Two Gazan rockets crashed and exploded in the Eshkol region on Friday. (Reminder that the precise location of rocket landings is generally held back in these reports. Knowing the outcome is usable military intelligence that no sane person on the Israeli side would want to share with the terrorists of Gaza.) 

Then this evening (Saturday) two more crashed into open fields in the vicinity of Sderot, a city - not a town, not a village - in southern Israel that has the misfortune of being located very close to the Gaza Strip. The alarms were sounded (we're referring to the anti-missile Tzeva Adom warning system) causing the usual fear and anxiety in thousands of homes throughout southern Israel who somehow fail to get used to the indiscriminate firing of lethal weapons in their general direction. As a result, a woman of 29 suffered injury as she ran to a rocket shelter, and was hospitalized in Ashkelon [Ynet]. The Palestinian Arabs are saying that the terrorists are "a previously unknown militant group in Gaza called the Al-Furqan Brigades" and that they claimed responsibility in a statement. 

Two more Qassam rockets fired from the northern part of the Hamas-infested Gaza Strip hit open fields in the Eshkol region again, tonight [Ynet]. Fortunately no injuries, no property damage, and no consequences up until now (as far as we know) to the people who fired them. That might yet change.

UPDATE: Sunday morning, and the GANSO website reports on these terrorist attacks in its customarily laconic way:
MU, 29 JUL: Overnight, 3 HMRs and 1 Grad fired from Gaza toward the Green Line. No injuries reported.
Interpretation: Three "home-made" rockets, which is what GANSO regularly calls Qassam rockets, were fired into anywhere in Israel (the fire is almost always indiscriminate) during the night, plus one GRAD. We have not seen any reports from the Israeli side describing the fourth of last night's rockets as being a GRAD. But the GANSO people, based in Gaza and presumably with their own close ties with the neighboring terrorists, should be believed. To get a sense of the ideological thinking behind what GANSO does, check out this backgrounder, courtesy of EoZ. And remember that they are funded by the European Union.

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