Tuesday, July 24, 2012

24-Jul-12: Three GRAD rockets fired at Ashkelon and all downed by Iron Dome anti-missile system fire [UPDATED]

We got notification in the last few minutes (a little after 8:00 pm) of three terrorist rockets of the GRAD variety that were fired at the southern Israel Hof Ashkelon region. All three must have been more or less on target because all three were intercepted by IDF Iron Dome counter-missile fire. (Intercepts are normally undertaken after the system computes the likelihood of a hit on meaningful Israeli assets.) Times of Israel is reporting that it knows of no injuries or damage at this stage. Three rockets in a single volley is certain to be answered by a military response.

UPDATE 11:30 pm Tuesday: The Times of Israel says they were two, not three. And one was shot down in mid-air while the second crashed and exploded harmlessly.

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