Friday, June 01, 2012

1-Jun-12: In the south, things are growing warmer... yet again

From Israel's side of the Gaza fence, constant watchfulness.
The murderous goals of the terrorists are patently clear
from over here. [Image Source]
It's early summer and the very warm and still conditions here are highly conducive to trouble-making for people with serious trouble on their minds. Based on the many-decades-long history of the Arab/Israel conflict, there are plenty of people on the far side of the fence who do. 

Around 4 this morning (Friday) in conditions of thick fog and relatively low visibility, a Palestinian Arab man with a gun got to the Hamas side of the fence between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Ynet says he cut through it and was heading towards the usual target (definition: "absolutely anything Jewish") when he was intercepted by a fast-moving IDF Golani response patrol, backed up by the Armored Corps. There was a fire-fight, and the Palestinian Arab Gazan is now with his heavenly virgins. JPost says the cause of death was Israeli tank fire. Haaretz (which dogmatically persists in describing the infiltrator as a militant) is reporting that an IDF soldier was killed in the exchange of fire.

The Haaretz report notes that there has been a noticeable rise during the past few months in hostile activity emanating from the Hamas side of the Israel-Gaza border "including the planting of explosive devices, shootings, and RPG fire".

We assume this rise in lethal activity intended to produce dead Israelis, as sadly happened today, is somehow connected to the mysterious new Hamas force in black uniforms and on motorcycles and 4WD vehicles about whom we recently posted. That's the force allegedly tasked with restraining the "activists" who keep lobbing rockets and grenades at civilians and residential communities on the Israeli side of the border.

When that restraint starts to happen, the IDF will need to broaden its strategy and be on the lookout for flying pigs.

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