Thursday, March 15, 2012

15-Mar-12: Aftermath of today's Jerusalem stabbing attack [UPDATED]

A few hours ago, we wrote about a stabbing on the Jerusalem tram. Ynet now reports that the victim, a 19 year-old Israeli girl doing her National Service, is in Shaare Zedek Medical Center where she has been put on a respirator machine and undergoing tests to see whether surgery will be necessary. Her mother is at her bedside.

The Times of Israel says eyewitnesses described the stabber as an Arab man in his 20s wearing a kaffiyeh, jeans and t-shirt. A suspect was arrested at the Qalandiya checkpoint by a police officer and security guard who recognized him. Ynet says he is being questioned and his personal details are under a gag order.

Ynet quotes several witnesses:
"I was sitting on the train, there were no screams or anything to indicate something had happened. When I looked back I suddenly saw people crowding around and as I approached I saw the young woman bleeding. She mumbled, 'why did this happen to me' and 'why do I deserve this'." [According to a medic]: "As I arrived I saw a young woman with stab wounds to her chest. She had a low pulse, as she lost a lot of blood... Dr. Ofer Marin, director of Shaare Zedek's trauma center said that the knife had been lodged inches away from the soldier's heart. "There was definitely an element of luck here. Right now her life is not under any danger."
Thank heavens this did not end up worse than it did. Buses in this country have long been the target for murderous terrorists. Trams are new.

UPDATE Thursday 6:00 pm: The alleged perpetrator has confessed.

Today's terror attack scene

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