Saturday, March 10, 2012

10-Mar-12: The terrorists of Gaza manage to fire more than 100 rockets at southern Israel in a single 24 hour period

The rocket fire from Gaza that we reported (and almost no news channels outside Israel did) on Friday produced a pinpoint Israeli strike on several terrorists, identified by name in the Palestinian Arab media, later on Friday afternoon.

There then followed an onslaught of rockets from the vast arsenal held in Hamas-controlled Gaza that has continued until the last few hours. The details are important (if we want to understand the nature of terrorist-instigated warfare, that is) and since the Sabbath has just ended, we need some time to compile it. So please stay tuned. The IDF's incoming-rocket count up until an hour ago (7:30 pm Israel time) was 135.

While we prepare a report, we want to remind you of one aspect of what we wrote yesterday about the absence of news report attention when it's Israelis being pounded: "On the other hand, if and when Israel's military decides to strike back at the storage facilities that hold the thousands of Gazan Palestinian Arab missiles, watch how the news and photo editors spring to life."

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Droid said...

Sadly we get no prizes for such a prediction as it has become routine how much the major media companies behave.